Winter activities for children

During your stay, your youngsters will discover a world of winter entertainment in the fairy-tale Zlodejeva dežela (a Devil’s Land”) at Rogla.

In the Zlodejeva dežela, children have a lot of fun; they make small steps to the world of winter sports, create, read and even cook.


Children, welcome to the land of sweetness, where you will bake true Devil’s Biscuits with the animator. You will find snow-white cooking hats, roll up your sleeves and carefully prepare ingredients for baking. You can find there some excellent muffins, delicious pancakes and many more. Mm mm. Delightfull!

ZLODEJEVA fairy-tell hour

We will go to the land of fairy tales, imaginary creatures and a fantastic world. We will create an unforgettable fairy-tale hour with stories from the fairy-tale book or create a special story together. It will be fun!


Every morning is dedicated to Zlodej’s creative lesson. Children together with the animator will learn how to create many new tools and products.


Park, a home place of Rogla’s unbreakable athlete Zlodej, and mischievous dwarfs! What does the children's snow park cover? A fun carousel, skiing conveyor belt and polygonal obstacles that challenge the small skiers and at the same time playfully teaches them new skiing skills. The principle: “sport for all” is well respected here, as well as disabled skiers are also welcomed!
Entry is FREE.

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