Towing skiers with horses

DURATION: 15minut

TERMIN: every day at every full hour between 11am and 4pm, or by appointment for groups of three or more.

PRICE: 15 EUR per person

PROGRAM: Activity runs also when snowing! First, you will be briefly introduced to the horse, and then you will start an unforgettable adventure.

Balanced riding is friendly and safe for both a horse and a rider. The rider thus leads the direction of skiing, as well as the speed of the tow. The towing of a skier with a horse starts slowly so that the skier gets used to it and gets a feeling, and then the pace can be accelerated if the skier wishes so. For this purpose, a skiing track is prepared. The skier holds a cord in his hand, which he can drop anytime and interrupt the towing. Thus, the skijoring is safe and easy. Anyone who masters at least basics of skiing can try it. Skijoring requires only the ski equipment.

Information and reservation:
Darja + 386 (0) 41 639 822


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