Hello dear cyclists!

Are you ready for new adventures with your bike?
while staying at the reAktiv hotel, head to the most stunning views, breathe in fresh Pohorje air and visit the mosthidd corners. We have prepared cyclist maps for you at the reception to select many stunning cyclist paths, which will create eternal memories. Get your bikes ready and explore Rogla Pohorje. Do not worry, if you come without your own bycicle; throuout the whole summer season you can hire electrical or mountin bikes with us!

Which bike route will you choose?


Hurray! It's time for hiking! Hiking is one of the most popular recreations for which you only put on hiking boots while staying at the hotel ReAktiv, and follow the most beautiful paths in the Rogla Pohorje destination. For you, we have chosen hiking trails that will always remain in your memory. At the reception Rogla - Pohorje hiking maps are waiting for you! Let’s go!
Explore and admire unspoiled nature and breathe in some fresh air in the Pohorje region!

Which hiking path will you choose?

Which hiking path will you choose?

Adrenaline sport

Dear adrenaline enthusiasts!
While staying at our hotel reAktiv, only a few minutes away great adrenaline experiences are waiting for you that even true adrenaline enthusiasts would not resist! The hotel reception provides all the necessary information. Let the adrenaline increase your heart rate and brings smile on your face!

Are you daring?

Sport activities

Sport for everyone! Sport renews energy, refreshes us, gives us joy, relaxes and strengthens our bodies! Maybe we become a bit competitive, but for one hour or two we completely forget our worries. Spend your vacation with us actively and in the nature. Make the most of the sporting capacities of the Rogla Pohorje destination. Try out different sports, warm up and stretch your body and mind to perfection!
Which sport are you gonna choose?

Which sport are you gonna choose?
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