Hurray! It's time for hiking! Hiking is one of the most popular recreations for which you only put on hiking boots while staying at the hotel ReAktiv, and follow the most beautiful paths in the Rogla Pohorje destination. For you, we have chosen hiking trails that will always remain in your memory. At the reception Rogla - Pohorje hiking maps are waiting for you! Let’s go!

Explore and admire unspoiled nature and breathe in some fresh air in the Pohorje region!

Which hiking path will you choose?

1. Brinjeva gora – circular hiking trail

Length : 6 km; difficulty: medium; starting point: reActiv hotel;
Route: hotel reAktiv - Brinjeva gora-hotel reAktiv ; Memorable points along the way: Zimrajh guest house, Church of the Mother of God on Brinjeva gora from the 18th century. - A famous pilgrimage, the church of St. Neža from the 18th century, the remains of the Freudenberg castle, first mentioned in 1224

2. Terme ZREČE – ROGLA hiking trail

Length: 26 km; difficulty: heavy
Starting point: Terme Zreče
Route: Dobrava Hotel, Črešnova, Gorenje above Zreče, Planina na Pohorju, Jurgovo hut , Rogla Important points along the path: the church of St. Egidij in Zreče, guesthouse Smogavc at Gorenje above Zreče, Jurgovo hut, hotel Planja on Rogla.

3. Golek hiking trail and remains of LUŠBERG castle

Length: 14 km Difficulty: heavy; starting point: hotel reActiv
trail: hotel reAktiv, tourist farm Ančka, Golek, Loška gora, Lušberk castle, Ošlakova kovačija, Loška gora, hotel Dobrava; Important points along the path: Ančka tourist farm, Golek (769 m), remains of the castle Lušberk above Loška gora, first mentioned in 1279, Ošlakova kovačija (in the Zreče area only Ošlak's blacksmith in Boharina was preserved of the old blacksmith craftsmanship. According to the written sources it should have been created around 1770).

4. Zlati Grič circular trail

Length: 12 km difficulty: intermediate; starting point: hotel reActiv
trail: hotel reAktiv, along Dravinja, Radana vas, Dobrovlje, Gabrovlje, Zgornje Škalce, Zlati grič, Slovenske Konjice, Spodnje Škalce, Dobrovlje near Sl ov. Konjice, Dobrovlje near Zreče, Hotel Dobrava; Important points along the way: Radanski mill, restaurant and wine-house Zlati grič.

5. TOURIST FARM Ančka (circular route)

Length: 4 km
Difficulty: Easy
Starting point: hotel reActiv
Trail: hotel reAktiv, Bork, tourist farm Ančka, old Dobrava, hotel reAktiv.

6. stranice trail - Stolpnik - TERME ZREČE – Slovenske Konjice

Length: 22 km
Difficulty: difficult
Starting point: hotel Dobrava
Trail: Dobrava Hotel, Križevec, Stranice, Bukovlje, Čretvež, Zangger's Ponds at Stranice, Čretvež, Stolpnik (1012 m), Slovenske Konjice, Zreče, Hotel Dobrava
Important points along the way: Tourist farm Urška on Križevec, remains of the Roman road from Bukovlje across Čretvež to Zanggar's ponds at Stranice, Unitur water bottling plant Rogla, Slovenske Konjice with old town centre.

7. Rogla trail- LOVRENC LAKEs (circular trail)

Length: 16 km Difficulty: medium to difficult; Startin point: hotel Planja
Route: Hotel Planja, Ostruščica, Lovrenška jezera, Jezerca, Mašinžaga, Pesek, Hotel Planja Important points along the way: Rogla ski Center, Planja with a II. World War memorial

8. circular route Pesek

Path length: 6,7 km Difficulty: easy ;Starting point: Hotel Planja
Trail: hotel Planja, lookout tower, Pesek, Mašinžaga, Komisija, Ostruščica, hotel Planja ;Important points along the path: mountain lodge on Pesek with a horse-riding center, a monument to the II. World War postmen at Pesek, the reservoir - fishing lake Mašinžaga, the panoramic chairlift Planja, the peat fairy tale at the Sedlo Komisija

9. Circular ROUTE lookout tower rogla

10. HIKING TRAIL PP1 – lookout tower

Length: 2,14 km
Difficulty: easy
Beginning of the route: hotel Planja
trail: hotel Planja, lookout tower Rogla (30 m)
Important points along the route: snow chapel on top of Rogla, lookout tower (30 m)

11. hiking trail Črno jezero ROGLA

Length: 33,6 km difficulty: heavy; Starting point: Hotel Planja
Trail: hotel Planja, Pesek, Klopni vrh, wild forest Šumik, Črno jezero, Trije žeblji, Zgornja Brv, Pesek, hotel Planja. Important points along the route: wild forest Šumik, Mali and Veliki Šumik waterfalls, Lobnica Gorge, Črno jezero, Osankarica hut, a Pohorje Battalion memorial to the National Liberation War.

11. “Dwarf” educational path

Length: 4,2 km ; Starting point Hotel Planja
Trail: hotel Planja, sports hall, follow blazes of the Škratova učna pot, hotel Planja; Important points along the path: educational boards along the path (climate, vegetation, animals), overlooking the valley, Jurgovo hut, lookout tower (30 m).

12. Velika Mislinja hiking trail

Length: 8 km; Difficulty: medium to difficult; Starting point: Hotel Planja
Trail: Hotel Planja, Kraguljščice, Velika Mislinja (Zgornja Komisija ), Lukovo Waterfall, Ostruščica, Hotel Planja; Important points along the path: abandoned shepherd village Zgornja Komisija, Lukovo Waterfall, Rogla Ski Center, II World War memorial Planje

14. Hiking trail Ribniška koča

Length: 11,7 km Difficulty: medium to difficult; Starting point: hotel Planja
Trail: hotel Planja, Lovrenška jezera, Ribniško jezero, Ribniška koča. Important points along the way: Lovrenška jezera with various vegetation and animals, Ribniško jezero, II WW memorial at Jezerski vrh, Črni vrh (1537m) – the highest point of Pohorje.

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