Adrenaline sport

Dear adrenaline enthusiasts!
While staying at our hotel reAktiv, only a few minutes away great adrenaline experiences are waiting for you that even true adrenaline enthusiasts would not resist! The hotel reception provides all the necessary information. Let the adrenaline increase your heart rate and brings smile on your face!

Are you daring?


Bike park is all year round “accelerator of the heart rate” of the Pohorje forest. Six tracks of various difficulty (from blue to black) stretch at Rogla, from Mašinžaga to Ostruščica. Prepare the bike and fight for your survival!

Beginner or a professional? Not relevant! Everyone is invited.

  • 7,500 m arranged trails,
  • Various difficulty levels,
  • Polygon for beginners,
  • Mountain biking instructors,
  • Rental of the top-quality Specialist and GT bikes (downhill, cross-country and kid’s bikes)
  • Rental of safety equipment (helmet, protectors),
  • Guided tours along Pohorje, Bike Park or learning lessons at the polygon.

Working time: Closed

Sledging area ZLODEJEVO

This is a great fun for all generations in all seasons! Are you ready for a crazy party, the wind blowing around your ears, a speed that raises the heartbeat? Are you ready for an adrenaline drive through the Pohorje forest?
Fun for individuals, among friends or in the family is guaranteed using 1360 meters long steep curved downhill sledging trail. The sleigh is designed for two people, but you can also take a single ride. The maximum permitted speed is 40 km / h and it can be controlled by you. A ski lift will pull you back to the top together with your sleigh.

Opening hours: Saturday - Sunday 12.00 - 18.00
Contact: 03 757 71 00


Are you ready for the climbing adventures at Rogla? Original programs are there for you. Recreation enthusiast, beginners, families and children are all invited to try the lower climbing wall of 2.9 meters to warm up, and then climbing the higher wall of 9 meters! Climbing rushes the adrenaline and motivates you to indulge in the adventure! With climbing comes fun, laughter and joy!

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